Rist Transformatorenbau GmbH
Commercial Area Lichtäcker
73770 Denkendorf
Fon: 0049 711-34 11 469
Fax: 0049 711-34 82 794

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About us

The company Rist was founded more than 70 years ago in Ostfildern as a medium-sized enterprise with only a few kilometers distance to the metropolis Stuttgart. We were and still are committed to guaranteeing highest quality products by accurate production and a permanent quality control.This goal is, among other things, achieved by the strict adherence to the applicable safety regulations and manufacturing standards.

Machines and apparatuses of state-of-the-art technology are used and therefore are a decisive factor in performance for the attainment of the goals of our enterprise. To react fast and flexible to the wishes of our customers is our understanding of cooperation in partnership and the basis of confidence.

Thus it`s our first priority to deliver our products as fast as possible. That`s the reason why the company Rist is a longtime and reliable partner in all various industries. No matter if you take engineering, especially textile-engines, vehicle construction, medical technology or communications engineering, inductive components produced by Rist are in great demand and are going down well!

The most important prerequisite for the succes of our enterprise was and still is, however, the qualification of our employees. That´s what we always try to achieve. The status of qualification of every employee is maintained and improved, for example, by education measures which can be implemented internally as well as externally.